Life MakeOver Course

  • Week 1. Finding Your Direction in Life

    Sometimes life is just boring and it sucks! You can go to school, look for a job or join a gym – but still feel like you are stuck at the same stage of life. You know there is more to life than what is in your life right now – but you have no idea how to get it. You may not even want big success, but at least a direction, a way to tell that you are going somewhere. This Week Shows You… How to eliminate confusion and find direction for your life without stressing or thinking too much.

Life MakeOver Course

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1 thought on “Life MakeOver Course

  1. Thanks indeed Sir Moffat for, Finding direction to Life lesson. Its imperative to do a self-retrospective. Golden questions, what will l be remembered for, when l have graduated to glory or what will be my greatest contribution to the human race? The lesson was splendid for one to close the door of the past and go back to drawing board. You cannot change your past but were you are going.
    Dream big, aim higher and live your life to the fullest. Things which we tolerate, its next impossible to change them!

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