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How to Find Your Purpose and Live Confusion Free

Was there ever a moment when you looked at your life and felt you had no idea where it was going? As for me that used to happen many times…

Actually here is the funny one – was there a time when you ever wondered why you were really born? Why you were born in the country where you were born – or to the parents that you have?

A chair was made to be sat on, the planet earth was made so we can live in it, a pen was made so we can write with it – everything that was made was made for something.

You were made, and you were made for something.

Life will only make sense the day you find what you were born for.

Life without purpose is confusion.

A person without a purpose is like a ship without a radar, that person has no direction – they are only drifting through life rather than living through it. Your direction is in your purpose.

In my book Life Capsules for Personal Growth I write that,

“You must grow from knowing WHEN you were born to knowing WHY.”
– Moffat Machingura | Life Capsules for Personal Growth

In my other book Cinderella Taught me Lessons I add that,

“What you were born for is more important than what you were born into.”
– Moffat Machingura | Cinderella Taught me Lessons

Your Reason of Birth (ROB) is more important than your Date of Birth (DOB).

One of the most important questions of your life will always be this one… In what way will the world be a better place because of the fact that you were born into it?

The answer to that question is the secret to your joy and satisfaction in this life.

A Lifelong purpose will help you overcome short term pain.

You can spend your life complaining that you were born by wrong parents, or into a wrong country or race.

But there is a better reason for your life than to spend it weeping over how and where it started, or who broke your heart along the way.

Your purpose is more important than your situation. I know how it feels like to grow up in tough times. I know how it feels like to lose both parents when you are young.

And I know how it feels like live without. I know how it feels like to walk to school without shoes or in bathroom slippers – because once upon a time I live that way too.

I still remember those days, and I still force back my tears when I remember them.


It was in those worst days of my life that I found the best lessons of my life.

  1. I learnt that you have to see beyond bad days in order to go through them.
  2. I learnt that what you hate will continue to occupy your life till you learn to focus on what you love.
  3. I learnt that bad times mean nothing to a person who has found a reason to live.
  4. I learnt that purpose is the prosperity of the soul, and that it’s only a life that is lived for a purpose that will find true success.

Don’t let the urgency of your circumstances distract you from the importance of your purpose.
– Moffat Machingura | Cinderella Taught me Lessons

Five Questions that Help Your Find Your Purpose and Live a Confusion FREE Life

1. If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?

“Respect the things that you most care about. Your care points to your call. What attracts your compassion reflects your calling. Your curiosity reflects your intelligence.”
– Moffat Machingura | Cinderella Taught me Lessons

Bill Gates wanted to see a computer in every home. Steve Jobs wanted to invent the future and make a dent on the universe.

Mother Theresa wanted to be love’s arm. Buddha wanted to build the temple of peace and Jesus Christ wanted to give everyone a fresh new start in life.

It is in what they cared for the most that they found their reason to live. Every day they woke up saying “this is what am living for…”

In this world, what do you care about the most? For some it’s creating a heartbreak free world, or fighting cancer, and some want to educate the poor.

Maybe you saw a man without limbs and you wondered how biotechnology can make artificial body parts.

The change that you want to see can be a clue to the person you were born to be.

In Life Capsules for Success I write that

“Our Success in life is greatly determined by what we choose to demand for others in this world.”
– Moffat Machingura | Life Capsules for Success

What you demand from others –that’s your needs. What you demand for others that’s your Purpose.

Even if you eat food you will need more. If you buy clothes you will need more. Have sex and you will still want more. The fulfillment of needs is not the fulfillment of life.

Our satisfaction in life doesn’t come from the fulfillment of Needs, but from the fulfillment of Purpose.

2. If you had all the money you wanted such that you never needed more, what would you spend your life doing?

Whatever it is, just go do it. And am sure you may even do it for money. Your prosperity lies in your purpose.

Often we spend our lives doing what we “should” do instead of what we “want” to do. At the sunset of our days we find we did all that should have done but we are still disgusted with life.

That’s because making a living is not the same as making a life. You make a life when you do what you love.

And you know you love something when just doing it paints a smile on your face and tickles a deep seated laughter in your soul.

3. What is that when you begin to do you lose track of time?

For others it is experimenting in a lab, or painting a canvass, writing the whole day like J. K. Rowling used to do, or just thinking and writing life capsules like I enjoy to do. (J. K. Rowling is the Best Selling Author of the Harry Potter Series – more than 450 million copies sold)

Cherish those things that make you lose track of time, for they are the doorway to your own earthly eternity where time doesn’t exist.

They give you a taste of immortality. They carry you into a realm where time cannot limit you.

Those passions are like vessels of time travel, and in them you leave time behind.

When you do what consumes you, life feels short and worthy being short – but if you stick with what you tolerate life becomes long and everyday unworthy to be that long.
– Moffat Machingura

4. If you had only one chance to live your life how would you live it?

Whatever it is, go live it right now because this life is the only chance that you have.

“Sometimes you don’t have to discover your destiny, you just have to decide it.”
– Moffat Machingura | Cinderella Taught me Lessons

Choose one thing noble enough to deserve your lifetime, and commit your remaining years of life to fulfilling it.

What if am wrong in my choice? So you ask. A life’s journey to the wrong place has more lessons than a life with no journey at all.

Don’t be afraid of making a wrong turn because wrong turns can lead you to the right turn too.

Always look for the right way, but if you can’t find it just look forward and keep moving. Even moving in circles brings us closer to finding a direction. Time never waits for those who are waiting.

5. What can you do?

Your gift and ability is not your purpose – but it can be a clue to what you were born to do.
– Moffat Machingura | Cinderella Taught me Lessons

A knife has a sharp edge because it was made to cut. A hammer has a strong iron head because it was made to drive nails and break things. A car has wheels for motion and an airplane has wings to fly.

Our abilities say something about our purpose.

Your sharpness is a pointer to the kind of problems that you were born to simplify.

Your strength is a pointer to the things you were born to control.

The things that your mind grips so fast can be a reflection of the field ground upon which you were born to operate (Architecture, Pure Science, Philosophy, or Religion).

Your hopes and dreams are a reflection of the world’s future that you were born to facilitate.

So these are the 5 questions that untie your purpose. Remember…

Till you find your purpose – you will drift through life as servant to other people’s missions.

Go find your purpose.

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