How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye (Hardcopy)

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Sometimes Falling in Love Feels Like Gambling Your Heart.

• You can only decide how much to love – but you can’t decide how much to be loved…


• Sometimes you find you are the only one doing the loving. It’s like you are in love alone – always giving but never getting.


• And sometimes the faithful fall in love with players. And you end up asking yourself “why do bad things happen to good people? Why do good girls find bad guys, and good guys find bad girls?”


It Can Get Worse if You Are Not Advised…

Sometimes you trust someone for three full years – only to find you have been fooled everyday of those years. You were never the only one. Or what you shared was never as serious as you thought!


You give sex, a baby or give money. But a little while down the road of life, you find the person who took the best of all you ever had – is giving the love meant to be yours to somebody else.


Everything from money to make-up feels like a total waste. You breakdown in tears…


If you don’t find proper knowledge and wise advise, then talking about love will feel as painful as talking about hate.


You waste time. You call yourself unlucky in love. You will even vow to never love again…


How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye…

This book is
The Bulletproof
of Your Heart!


It has helped many around the world, NOW it will help you too!


In How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye you will get real life stories and principles that will enable you to find a healthy, happy and lasting love relationship without risking even a single heartbreak.


You will also learn to move on, to recognise real love, and to identify time wasters way before you have committed.


You will learn how to tell “this is the one” and how to keep a good relationship running…


Amanda’s Story… (Real Life)

I remember the day a pretty girl called Amanda* messaged me in great shock and disbelief,


“O my God! Sir Moffat, I found out after two and a half years that the man I was dating was HIV positive. It’s Only because of YOUR Advice that I am still HIV negative today!”


The countless relationships I have coached over years have shown me that LOVE needs to be taught.


The problem is… Love is NOT taught at school. At school we are merely taught to make a living but we are NOT taught to live with people. That is why many people are winning in their careers and businesses but failing in love…


But I Bet You…


At the end of your life what will matter the most are NOT the days that you spent at the office, what will matter the most is who came in your life, who left and who stayed…


In How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye you will learn “The Secrets to Finding Love that Lasts While Keeping Your Heart Safe.”


In this book I say…


“Every success story has a secret even if its a love story”

Let me show you how…

“Moffat is a Nehemiah (builder) of the heart…” – PASTOR TICH TANYANYIWA | PWMI, South Africa


Section 1

SECTION 1 will show you HOW to separate true love from fake love because “love is a waste of time if it’s only one way.”


In Chapter 3 There are nine signs of heartbreak love. Simply know those nine signs and you will find love that lasts – without risking even a single heartbreak (Chapter 3).


TO WOMEN: Love a man, leave the boys. Love is NOT for boys. All that boys know best is playing with your heart, your body and your time.


Only a man understands, “Love is NOT a game.”


Turning 18, 28 or 30 doesn’t make him a man. He can still be a little boy in an old man’s body! In How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye you will find there are six qualities that separate boys from men…


To avoid wasting your time, Learn to recognise real men!

That’s Chapter 7!


TO MEN: Even if you love a scorpion, it will still sting you. Learn to separate good women from bad women because if you hug a thorny tree, you are the one who will always cry.


There are 10 Signs that show whether a woman is good for you or NOT good enough for you. Find those signs in Chapter 8.


Section 2

Then SECTION 2 Has got Answers to the 100 Best & Complicated Questions on LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS.


These are answers to real problems sent by thousands of real people of your age from every continent in this world.


You will learn to love right. You will become the right one to love. You will love forever.


How I Did It…

This book marks 7 years of hard work! I went beyond my First Class Degree in Psychology, beyond my years of experience as a Life Coach and  added hundreds of real life experiences of other people, bravely added my personal experiences too, and consulted counsellors, psychologists and different pastors (even religions) in the 7 focused years of completing this book…


My Promise to You…

After applying this book:


Most Of Your Love Questions will be answered. Your heart will be safe. Your LOVE life will be a lot easier than it is now. Your LIFE WILL BECOME a happy LOVE Story.


You don’t need to take my word for it, below is what real people are actually saying…


Here Is What People Are Saying… Around the World…


United States: “This book is just so amazing Mr Machingura, I believe God used you to write this book to inspire young people like us. It’s so empowering especially to us ladies. Thank you so much” – Carol Powers | Goodreads


South Africa: “I thought it was too late for me. I had made too many bad choices in the past. Thanks to your advice, I started where I was and committed my self to doing things better… We are getting married!” – Elvis (name changed for privacy)


Australia: “How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye is a great tool for all kinds of people to find true love and maintain it… Mr Machingura has made use of practical examples.” – Tine | Amazon


Amazon Worldwide: “Amazing counsel on relationships. This book gave such an in depth description of good things to look for in either a man or a woman. It was an easy and exciting book that kept me engaged through out.” Amazon Customer Reviewer


Zimbabwe: “I picked up this book and couldn’t place it down!!! It gave me eyes to see a working relationship, and walk away from a deceitful relationship before I have given too much” – Biko (Africa)


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