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From the Best selling author of Life Capsules for Success….

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“There is no future in tomorrow, the future is in you and tomorrow is just a vessel in which to place the future.”

– Moffat Machingura | Life Capsules for Your Faith

in this book I go on to say,

“Life is NOT about what tomorrow holds, life is about what you are holding as you step into tomorrow.” – Moffat Machingura

Change how you see life and that will change what you get from it. What you believe about life determines what you demand from it. This book is a wisdom package that helps you demand and get more from your life.

True Story – Inside this Book…

For hundreds of years Specialists used to say – no human being can run 1.5 kilometres in less than four minutes…

And for hundreds of years people believed it…

But one day in 1954 Roger Banister ran 1.5 kilometres in 3 minutes 59 seconds!

And about sixty days from that day people have been breaking that record over and over again.

What Made Everybody Else Start Breaking that Record So Suddenly?

It’s because Roger’s success made them believe that their own success was possible.

All these years they were failing, not because they weren’t good enough, but because they did not believe that they were good enough.

That’s why in this new book Life Capsules for Your Faith I say that,

What you believe about you will determine what you demand from yourself.

– Moffat Machingura | Life Capsules for Your Faith

  •  Surely, what you believe about this life will determine what you demand from it.

Their bodies didn’t change, they didn’t get new legs. The only thing that had changed was their beliefs.

  • It was the change in their beliefs that created the change in their achievements…

What Do You Believe About Life and About Yourself?

“What you believe is influencing what you achieve.”

– Moffat Machingura | Life Capsules for Your Faith

  • If you believe you don’t deserve to be happy, you will NOT give yourself freedom to smile.
  • If you believe money is not for everyone, it will be hard for you to work like you are the one meant for it.
  • If you believe you are unlucky in love, you won’t change the behaviour that makes you keep meeting bad people.

This is My Promise…

You Get Your Money Back if You are Not Satisfied!

Yes! Get your money back if this book doesn’t prove helpful to you in anyway within the next 30 Days…

  • This book enlightens your eyes and helps you see life and yourself in a self-empowering rather than self-limiting way. Most people see themselves in a self-limiting way everyday, and most thoughts you think about yourself are self-limiting. Your put yourself down!
  • This book sets you free to achieve a more tremendous life than you ever thought you could. In life you can always do more and achieve more, that’s because at every moment you can always learn more!
  • It rewires your mind with thoughts that help you shake off your fear and low self-confidence – it helps you think healthy thoughts that enable you to be more, do more, achieve more and live a life you will always be proud of.

Most People Are Saying Thank You…

 I would love to get your comments too after you read this book! All around the world people text to say thank you for this book and for many other works I have written. Here is what everyone is saying…

“Thank you sir. You are my stream of inspiration  and the capsules are so deep. I get courage and boldness to face an situation everyday and the quotes have unlocked creative abilities in me. From the day l encountered the first book you sent to me, my study life has increased to another level. I m developing a reading culture and passion for books and my life is now productive. Thank you again.” – Tafadzwa

“That book is awesome….l have to read twice or thrice 1 sentence there is so much wisdom in every sentence.” – EA

“Thanks for the story on the boy who was told he was a failure. Such things are said to be people and those who are saying it do not know how much they are affecting the person they are telling it to. We all respond differently. I went through that and I managed to change that.” – Lily 


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3 reviews for Life Capsules for Your Faith (PDF eBook)

  1. Kumbirai Matingo (verified owner)

    This encourages me to have faith always and keep it 100% thank you sooo much

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  2. Simbarashe Marindwa

    that’s a powerful insight thank you…#uplifiting

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  3. Tapiwa Thabo Mwanandimai (verified owner)

    life changing, concise and enjoyable

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