Contest 2019

Moffat Machingura is giving away more than $7,180 total worth of prizes this 30 June 2019. Here are the results…

“Don’t be so scared of rejection to an extent that you reject yourself before you have even tried.” – Moffat Machingura

Most people play lazy, and some play scared. Scared of rejection!

The purpose of this game is to help you conquer your fears!

“If you are afraid of doing something, then just do it afraid. We conquer our fears by confronting what we fear.” – Moffat Machingura

Check Your Results Below!

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SPECIAL MESSAGE: COUNTING IS DONE. 😊😊 Congratulations to you all for a game well played!! 

Below are the winners in their order from the first. Some were spoilt votes – that happens in every contest. I will soon contact the top 30 winners through WhàtsApp and give them their deserving prices.


I think We Should All Give Much Respect to the Top 5. They made a tremendous success – you can’t believe that just like everybody else – they all started from the bottom!

OUR PERSONAL MONEY MANAGEMENT COURSE (WITH THE TOP 5 WINNERS) IS STARTING SOON – If you are also interested in the paid program simply comment below or send a direct message

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10 thoughts on “Contest 2019

  1. Hello Sir Moffat,, the thing is some of my votes are being lost i don’t know why bt maybe some pipo are changing something on my contestant name, so does that mean those votes are not going to be counted, @Rejoice💞39, plizzzz help

  2. Hie Moffat. So people are saying they’re not getting confirmation messages for their votes like what was happening last year. As a result some try resending messages. I’d like to know how this will be handled. Does that warrant disqualification for me? I note it says vote once or I may be disqualified somewhere. Secondly, can one vote for oneself? Thank you

    1. Hi if people who were grey ticked vote again and get blue ticked, their former vote will be subtracted and we count the new one – you won’t be disqualified. I advise that they try the next day if they grey ticked.

      Then your last SMS you got didn’t say the number of votes you had, it said the number of votes you needed to have in order to be in top 30 – BY THAT TIME.

      The required number is higher now, but still attainable

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