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What are the types of men to avoid getting into relationships with?

Some women have painful attraction – they keep falling for men who bring sorrow and pain. As I write in the book How I Kissed heartbreak Goodbye,

“The fact that you love him doesn’t mean you can live with him.”
– Moffat Machingura | How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye

Forewarned is forearmed, here are 5 Types of Guys you should avoid dating no matter how in love you feel.

i) The Never Settle Down Guy

The guy who invented the first dating site is still single today and still dating online (it’s twenty three years later). His name is Andrew Conru and he is forty-eight as of year 2017.

Enough about Andrew… 🙂 In How I Kissed heartbreak Goodbye I describe the Never Settle Down Guy.

“Most times the Never-Settle-Down Guy, is the sweetest and most skilful dating partner you will ever love. He knows what to say, how to dress and where to take you. Sadly he can take you anywhere except the future.”
– Moffat Machingura | How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye

He has been dating for a long time now. He tells you “we are just for fun,” and he means it. Don’t think your true love for him will change his mind. It won’t.

To love a Never-Settle-Down-Guy is to take a fool’s journey. You will come back home with nothing except lost time and hopelessness.

This paragraph will show you how to recognize him…

“He doesn’t introduce you to his friends or family. All of his past love relationships lasted just a few months. He has dated so many people you now wonder what he is really looking for. Those are signs that the future is totally far from his mind. Yes you’re what he is looking for, but it’s only for now and NOT forever.”
– Moffat Machingura | How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye

ii) Casually Committed

The story goes of one rich and famous guy who had married and divorced almost four times in less than five years. Upon being asked by a magazine article writer if he is married, he sadly paused a little while and then replied, “Occasionally.”

Some men tend to be casually committed. You meet today, get married tomorrow and divorce the day after. Everything happens fast in that relationship. When it’s suddenly over, you will say,

“No wonder our love relationship happened so fast, you were in a hurry to be with someone else.”

– Moffat Machingura | How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye

If he has been married and divorced more than twice before, then beware it is most likely you are his next person to marry and divorce. Even if you give him all your commitment, he is casually committed. To him divorce is an easy option. Be cautious – you are treading on a very risky ground.

iii) The Beggar in Love

Let me take the definition from the book as it is…

“The Beggar in Love is that guy who is broke and has no plans. He dates a wealthy woman for a living. He knows how to appeal to a woman’s motherly instincts and make her take care of him. He will drive her car, live in her home, eat her food and dress up from her credit card.” 
– Moffat Machingura | How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye

If a man is merely going through a rough patch in his life, you can see him struggling to get himself out of it. Sadly the Beggar In Love sleeps and watches TV all day, he brings his friends over and they party. He is NOT looking for another profession because begging in love is actually his profession.

Sometimes it’s not really money that he begs for. Some guys tell you all the sad stories of their past in order to seize your feminine sympathy. We all have situations in our past, but we find help. We don’t burden our partners; we go to life doctors and seek help. He doesn’t want to heal because he is benefiting from your sympathy. He must go on a journey of healing before he goes on a journey of love. You are not meant to fix him.

iv) Mr I’m Right

In How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye I Say…

“Don’t confuse Mr Right with Mr I’m Right.

  • Both Mr Right and Mr I’m Right desire to be on the right side of life.
  • Both Mr Right and Mr I’m Right do get things wrong sometimes.

The only difference is:

  • Mr I’m Right tries to remain right by denying that he is wrong; while Mr Right comes back to what is right by quickly admitting that he is wrong.
  • Mr I’m Right has a resistance against the truth, while Mr Right has repentance towards the truth.”

– Moffat Machingura | How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye

So as you are looking for Mr Right beware of Mr I’m Right. Personally I fear to follow a man who can never be wrong. A man who refuses to admit a mistake is actually making another mistake.

Avoid the man who surrounds himself with sycophants – people who nod yes to everything he says. He talks mostly about himself, and is disturbed by any opinion different from his. In his presence you will always feel like an object.

v) Sex Prowler

You know he is a bad guy if he keeps pressurizing you to give him sex. Some guys force you physically, and some guys force you emotionally. Emotional force is what we call pressurizing.

Emotional force and physical force are the same because they are both means of getting sex without regard for the values of the person whom you are getting it from.

There are methods that a guy can use in order to manipulate and convince you to have sex with him – even when it’s against your plans. You will find those in the rest of the book I How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye.

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  1. I thought the book was like all the other books on relationships…You read them and you try them and they do not work…But after reading this post..Im suprised really because i can see the guys i have been dating amd why it has never worked out…Totally loved it and im turning a new page

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