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What are the types of women to avoid getting into relationships with?

In my book How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye, David asked “Sir Moffat, are there a type of women that I should avoid getting into relationship with?” Here are some of the women that I placed in the book…

Warning to Boys:

To love a scorpion is to set yourself up for a sting.

“The fact that you love each other, doesn’t mean you can live together. Don’t just look for someone that you love, look for someone that you can both love and live with.”
– Moffat Machingura | How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye

Here are the 5 Qualities of a Woman that you should avoid seeing. But if you choose to still love her despite them – enter at your own risk!

i) The Woman with a “Worst”

If a woman says or writes “If you can’t handle me at my worst then don’t think you can be with me at my best” she is warning you! Beware.

Not only does she mean she can’t be handled at her worst behaviour, she also means she refuses to be handled when her drama begins. When I give 10 Qualities of a Good Woman in chapter 8 of How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye I also mention that,

“If you keep hugging a thorny tree, you are the one who will always cry.”
– Moffat Machingura | How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye

Avoid the woman with a worst, or love her at your own risk. (And don’t go telling the world women have drama)

ii) The Materialistic Girl

From the beginning she complemented the labels on your clothes, your car and your watch. Yes you felt good, and that’s because you didn’t realize it was all about what you have and not who you are.

She defines people according to what they have not who they are. Never visit her empty handed because at that point you will mean absolutely nothing to her. She will give you the coldest shoulder of your life. She is a materialistic girl.

Love her at your own risk – just don’t go saying all women are gold diggers.

iii) Miss Taker

She is selfish and self-centred. She believes she is the only person who should be given and she doesn’t have to give.

You have to pass by seeing her at her workplace and then also call her when you get home to report you arrived safely and ask if she arrived safely too. She believes “you are the man” therefore when you take her out on a date you should pay for the food, the drinks and the transport.

On her birthday she expects you to buy her a present but on your birthday she sends a text (She never bothers about a person who is so bothered about her).

If you keep up with this Miss Taker, your love tank will run empty and one day you will feel drained. Miss Taker is a mistake.

iv) The Actor

The actor is that woman who is one thing up the stage and totally something else in the backstage. She smiles at all your friends and her friends, but speaks so much negative about them when out of sight. She is chief of saints and chief of sinners.

She is that girl about whom everyone asks you…
“How in this world do you get along with that girl?” and you go like “Funny enough, all the bad everyone keeps saying she is, she is not like that to me. She is so soft and kind spoken.”

O man! You are in love with an Actor. She is bad!

v) The Manipulative Woman

She says in this world no-one cares about her (implying you should give her extra care). She says everyone who comes into her life always goes away, living her alone every time (she hopes that will make you stay).

In fact she mistakes being pitied for being loved.

If you stay or marry her, it’s all out of pity than out of love. The Manipulative Woman can promise to kill herself if you leave her. Her love is a prison.

Young men, you have been warned. Avoid these five types of women. They could cost you a large portion of your lifetime.

From My Book: How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye. Click here to get the book.

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  1. Great article Moffit. Very sound advice for someone starting out dating. Very wise to be weary of those personality types. Keep the great advice coming!

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