Your Hairstyle is a Secret to Long Life – Says 80 Year Old Man

I’m looking for the secret to immortality, if I fail may I at least find long life. 

Take me to Neverland where Peter Pan lives and never grows old, I want to be forever young!

Of course that’s just a fantasy,

I only say it because I wish it was true.

Today I met an 80 year old man in a barbershop. We got talking about age… (Dear Ladies: Us men don’t mind talking about age ha-ha)

He took out his driver’s license and said “Look at my date of birth son, I’m actually 80 years old, that driver’s license I got it in 1970! Where were you by then?”

I roared with laughter upon realising that must have been the year my mum and dad were still falling in love.

“What’s the Secret to Long life?” I asked the 80 Year Old Man

He gave me four things… 

1. Your Lifestyle is a Secret to Long Life

He said “there is no secret to long life, it’s just lifestyle”

And a light bulb went on in my mind, Lifestyle is the secret to long life. It is a secret so simple that the old man denies it’s a secret.

Studies show that men die earlier than women. And it’s mainly because of lifestyle…

  • Men drink more than women

  • Men driver faster and collect more speeding tickets than women

  • Men visit the doctor less than women

  • In a car Men use the seat belt less than women

  • Men sleep around with many partners more than women

  • More men smoke than women

Just look at the differences in our lifestyles and it will be no longer a secret why men die younger than women.

But the old man was just getting started…

2. Your Diet is also a Secret to Long Life

He said…

“While growing up, we ate lots of wild fruits that grew indigenously. From pomegranates (matamba) to nhunguru, etc (Those are names of some African indigenous fruits).

“We only ate meat and sugar on Christmas days. Only children whose parents worked in the mines, were paid well enough to afford sugar every day.”

I’m not a fan of being broke – but sometimes broke can be a blessing till you have enough wisdom to not let plenty mess you up.

Plenty is messing us up.

May we be wise enough to lay a humble table no matter how rich our wallets get.

Take lots of fruits and vegetables. Studies show that people who take lots of fruits and greens averagely live longer than everybody else. Eating everything you love is good for you only if everything you love is good for you.

Maybe you saying, “But I don’t like greens” – well… like them. 🙂 

3. Walking is also a Secret to Long Life

The old man continued, “We used to walk everywhere we went, no matter how far. School was 12 kilometres away. And the closest bus stop was further than the school.”

Ha-ha I wouldn’t want that and so wouldn’t you. I only liked the fact that they walked a lot. The reason we need exercise and gym, is because our lives have become too comfortable.

The body was never meant to stay idle. The rest of the body is like body muscles in that it’s strengthed by being used.

Studies show that an average person needs between 8,500 to 12,000 footsteps per day to stay healthy. This reminds me of this other doctor at Midlands State University in Zimbabwe, while other lecturers drive to work, he bought himself a beautiful bicycle and opted to cycle to work.

Don’t always drive everywhere, sometimes step off the car and walk. I know you bought your car for status – but your health status matters more than showing off your economic status. Don’t you think?

4. Then the Hairstyle…

The barber finished my haircut. All the guys in the shop loved it (Over years I’ve designed my own hairstyle that uniquely suites me). I thought the old man would say “wow” but I was wrong.

The old man pointed at my head and said,

“You see the other thing that will get you killed?” He was still pointing at my haircut, “it’s that hairstyle of yours. So you expect all those girls out there not to flock on you!!”

The whole barbershop roared with laughter. We all knew what he meant,

“Find one woman son, and marry that woman. Sleeping around is killing the young man of this generation. That condom thing is not safe, abstinence and sticking to your wife will give you long life.”

So he didn’t really mean the hairstyle kills. It’s good to look good. He was saying beware, sometimes beauty is a curse. It can attract people to you who can end up ruining your life.

No wonder the most heartbroken girls are the prettiest, they fall prey to bad guys before they are wise enough to tell the difference between the good and the bad.

No wonder there are so many pretty girls I saw drop out of school early. Probably due to early pregnancy.

Well… it’s called the ugly side of beauty.

So take care of yourself, because nobody has that job more than you do. I just gave you a few things so that it would be easy for you. But if you still have no idea where to start…

Start with your hairstyle… 🙂

NB: Now that you understand my title, share this to puzzle up your friends too! Help spread wisdom. Cheers! 🙂


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